Sex Toys In Mumbai – What 69toy Offers To Customers

69toy has a lot of different things to make sex more exciting for everyone. They have products that can help improve performance, items for pleasure like vibrators and masturbators, and accessories for things like bondage. 69toy is a go-to place for all things adventurous, especially for people in Mumbai. In India, and especially in Mumbai, people really like and buy a lot of these fun items for intimate moments.

In Mumbai, people, both men and women, really like sex toys. It's interesting because there are about the same number of men and women buying them, which is not common in other Indian cities.

In Mumbai, India's main business city, many people buy products for sex. A recent survey showed that both men and women in Mumbai buy these products a lot.

Here's what the survey found by 69toy:


  • 58% of the people who buy sex products in Mumbai are men. They like things like masturbators and anal toys. Also, many of them are interested in trying new things, like bondage. About 65% of men are open to trying bondage.


  • 42% of the people who buy sex products in Mumbai are women. They prefer things like vibrators, especially G-spot vibrators. Like men, women also enjoy experimenting with new things. About 35% of women are interested in trying bondage too.

Many women like to buy different kinds of sex toys to enhance their pleasure and satisfaction. They usually go for three main types:

1. Vibrators: These are vibrating toys that are quite popular among women in Mumbai. They enjoy realistic vibrators and G-spot vibrators the most because they provide intense pleasure and can lead to powerful orgasms. Many women in Mumbai buy these toys to experience sexual satisfaction on their own terms.

2. Dildos: Another favorite among women in Mumbai are dildos. These toys resemble real male anatomy and provide visual stimulation that adds to the excitement. Dildos come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and they are frequently ordered by women in Mumbai.

3. Kegel Balls: Kegel balls are commonly used for pelvic floor exercises, and they are also popular among women in Mumbai. They like to order ben wa balls and vibrating eggs to strengthen their pelvic muscles. Egg vibrators are particularly interesting because one partner can insert them while the other controls the vibrations remotely, making it a fun activity for both partners.

Many men like to buy things to help them enjoy themselves sexually. They often choose toys like sex dolls and masturbation cups.

Sex Dolls: These dolls feel like real partners and come in different sizes, types, and colors. They're very popular among men in Mumbai because you can have a full experience and try different things with them.

Male Masturbator: These are cups or devices that feel like a real female body part when you use them. They've changed how men masturbate because they feel so real. Lots of men in Mumbai buy these, along with other toys like penis rings and sleeves.

Automatic Masturbator: This is a device that helps men masturbate automatically.

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